Reliant Energy, Con Ed, Champion Energy, TXU Energy Available in Texas

Enron Energy Services is no longer available in Texas as this company has had their assets liquidated and placed in a trust to pay back those who lost money in the Enron Energy fiasco. Multiple lawsuits are in the works to get the money back to those who have first dibs to it.

There are however many other electric companies in Texas available to offer electric service for both home and business. Reliant Energy, TXU Energy, Champion Energy, and Con-Ed are just a few well known brands available to choose from in Texas.

When choosing a Texas electricity provider pay attention to the rate plans offered. There are rate plans that are promo rates and their are plans that give you a good price for the long term.

Don’t just go for the cheapest price simply because the cheapest price might only be good for the first couple of months. There haven’t been any significant market manipulation claims in Texas that have held any water since the Enron Energy take down and this may very well have to do with the example created by that event.

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